1) Dr. Whelan and his team at MCW/CHW are embarking on a new PDT brain cancer clinical study that will expand on the study they did around the year 2000 (See s 2 and 3 below).  The Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin news release dated 2 April 2013 announces and describes the study.

2) Katie Pederson was one of 20 children with terminal brain cancer that participated in the PDT treatment study at MCW/CHW around the year 2000.  The following link is to a NASA news release Meet Katie Pederson”.  NASA sponsored this PDT study.

3) This technical paper summarizes treatment of 20 pediatric brain cancer patients around the year 2000 at MCW/Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin using PDT.  Meic H Schmidt, Glenn A Meyer, Kenneth W Reichert, Joseph Cheng, Hendrikus G Krouwer, Kutlan Ozker, and Harry T Whelan; Evaluation of photodynamic therapy near functional brain tissue in patients with recurrent brain tumors”; Department of Neurosurgery, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT; Department of Neurosurgery, Department of Nuclear medicine and Department of Neurology, Medical college of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, WI, USA; Jorurnal of Neuro-Oncology 67:2012-207, 2004.

4.      4) This technical paper summarizes the long term survival of 136 patients with high grade brain cancer that were treated with PDT after prior treatment using other methods.  Stanley S Stylli MSC, Andrew H Kaye MD MBBS FRACS, Lachlan MacGregor MBBS MMEDSC, Megan Howes RN, Priya Rajendra MBBS; “Photodynamic therapy of high grade glioma – long term survival; Department of Neurosurgery and Department of Surgery, Royal Melbourne Hospital, University of Melbourne; Department of Clinical Epidemiology, royal Melbourne Hospital, University of Melbourne, Melbourne; Australia; Journal of Clinical Neuroscience (2005) 12(4), 389-398.

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