2011-08-17-mcw-entry-dsc_0239-1.jpgThis website is dedicated to supporting Dr. Harry T. Whelan’s NeuroFibromatosis(NF) research. Dr. Whelan’s successes using PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT) for pediatric brain cancer are being adapted to NF tumors. Dr. Whelan is a pediatric neurologist with the Medical College of Wisconsin. He is collaborating with other MDs and research scientists within MCW and at other institutions for this NF research.

NF can cause extremely cruel disfiguration resulting in long term medical and psychological problems for NF Children. Dr. Whelan’s ULTIMATE VISION is to treat tumors very early in their incipient stage before they take their toll on the child, thus averting painful medical and psychological problems. His vision includes treating the full spectrum of tumors from small surface tumors to larger internal plexiform tumors that can be life threatening. His research has advanced to adult human studies treating skin and near surface tumors.

Cell and mouse research in the laboratory, and now adult human studies support the efficacy of Dr. Whelan’s vision – to treat NF tumors very early thus averting painfully cruel medical and psychological problems with children.

A good overview of the research efforts is shown in this must read white paper, “Healing With Light: An Invitation to Help Grow Ben’s Research Fund at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin“.

We have set up two funds at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin – Benjamin’s NOW Fund, and Benjamin’s Research Fund: NeuroFibromatosis and NearInfra Red Light to support Dr. Whelan’s research. At present we are focusing on the NOW Fund to provide immediate sustaining support for the ongoing human studies. If you wish to donate, be sure to designate the Benjamin’s NOW Fund.

We strive to build this website to answer the full range of questions regarding our effort.

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    1. Study is pretty small at this time due to limited funds. We are trying to raise the awareness of this very promising research hoping for significant donations to expand this work. No promises, but by all means contact Debbie Dye at the following email address –
      Ddye@mcw.edu .

      Our goal is to refine the treatment to a routine protocol that will be generally available.

      Good luck to you! Alan

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